Singapore’s healthcare environment is becoming more complex and there is an increasing need to inform decision-makers of evidence to translate research and evaluations and into practice and health policies.


Home and community care is set to take on an important role in our health care system over the next few years.


To better understand determinants of frailty and track health change trajectories and dynamic modeling estimations of probabilities of transitions in physical and cognitive functioning.


Education research is an emerging field that holds great promise for the advancement of healthcare and clinical practice throughout the world.

Message From Executive Director

Welcome and thank you for visiting the website of the Geriatric Education and Research Institute (GERI).

In Singapore, the issue of an ageing population has been on the national agenda since the 1980s. The latest  $3 billion Action Plan for Successful Ageing announced in Aug 2015 consist of over 70 initiatives across 12 areas spanning health and wellness, volunteerism, housing and employment, among others, to be achieved over the next 10 to 15 years.

GERI was set up in 2015 as a national entity under Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore dedicated to develop, coordinate and implement various initiatives to strengthen geriatric education, research and service planning in the clinical and health service aspects of aging.
Five areas of interest are identified as GERI’s key thrust:
  • Health services and Policy Research
  • Seniors Care Delivery in Community
  • Clinical Geriatrics and End of Life Care
  • Frailty Identification, Prevention and Management
  • Geriatric Education
Each programme is led by a programme lead who will coordinate and drive pertinent research with our faculty of more than 20 leading clinician scientists and academia. The faculty is also supported by a strong research team of biostatistician, research fellows and officers, etc and robust research infrastructures such as Smart Home, Gait Lab, Biobank are available to facilitate the conduct of these studies.  

We invite interested investigators from the Regional Health System (RHS) and the academia to join us as faculty or collaborators. Together, we strive to develop interventions, programmes and policies that will encourage seniors to stay fit, healthy and active and to age gracefully in Singapore. Participation of students, postdoctoral fellows and research faculty at all levels are also welcomed.

Whether you are a researcher, clinician or member of the public, we hope you find our website useful.