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New frailty course equips healthcare professionals with knowledge of frailty

A new course, "Integrating Frailty Concept in Your Care Delivery" by GERI, aims to provide healthcare professionals with th eknowledge and skills to integrate frailty in their care delivery for older patients.

Meaning of Clinical Empathy

A grounded study to define clinical empathy from the perspective of healthcare workers and patients from a multicultural setting .

A GERI funded research project investigating the meaning of clinical empathy in the local multi-cultural setting was recently published in BMJ Open (see link at the end of article).

Chasing A Moving Target: A roundtable discussion on Covid-19 vaccinations in frial older adults

As a follow-up from their Position Statement in July 2021, The Chapter of Geriatricians, together with GERI and the Society for Geriatric Medicine Singapore, organised a roundtable for knowledge exchange, as well as providing an update on the latest developments in vaccinations.

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