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GERI Research Briefs

[NEW] GERI 2023-03-01: How has ICOPE been adopted across the world and what can we learn

GERI 2022-12-01: A review of barriers and facilitators towards COVID-19 vaccine acceptance

GERI 2022-09-01: Text-mining of psychosocial information from patients' clinical notes improved prediction of readmission risk

GERI 2022-05-001: Older adults in an Integrated Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of Primary Care in Singapore reported better satisfaction of needs and self-management of health

WHO ICOPE framework offers promise for healthy ageing: Study

Focused on screening for physical and mental wellness to give seniors personalised care, the WHO Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE) framework is gaining relevance for countries with action plans to address ageing, like Singapore. The use of mobile apps for self-screening and other learning points are discussed in GERI’s global study on the application of the ICOPE framework.

Dr Serene Nai, Research Fellow, GERI

Meet our Researchers

Get to know the people behind GERI's research to advance healthy ageing: our diverse team of Faculty, Research Fellows and more.

We catch up with our Research Fellow, Dr Serene Nai, about her segue into ageing research and how Singapore's seniors can still forge authentic connections in a digital future.


Improving prescribing for seniors with multiple chronic illnesses

A modified Delphi study conducted by GERI researchers has identified intervention elements and strategies to address rising concerns over potentially inappropriate prescribing for older adults. The findings could go towards developing an intervention to optimise prescribing for older adults at outpatient clinics in Singapore. 

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