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GERI Research Briefs

[NEW] GERI 2023-11-01: Unravelling patient diversity: Profiling high users of inpatient services based on medical complexity and psychosocial needs​

GERI 2023-09-01: Prognostic model for predicting mortality: Facilitating palliative care referrals for patients diagnosed with advanced dementia in acute care
GERI 2023-06-01: Fear and stigmatisation during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: Less​ons learnt for future public health crises
GERI 2023-03-01: How has ICOPE been adopted across the world and what can we learn

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GERI Knowledge to Practice Series - Dementia Care Across the Continuum

Dementia care across the continuum

As efforts to build a dementia-ready Singapore gather pace, GERI brought together researchers, clinicians, community care partners and policymakers for a critical and expansive stock-take of the gaps and opportunities in dementia management and care, as part of the Institute’s Knowledge to Practice Series.​
Dr Tou Nien Xiang, Research Fellow, GERI 

Meet our Researchers

Get to know the people behind GERI's research to advance healthy ageing: our diverse team of Faculty, Research Fellows and more.

We speak to our Research Fellow, Dr Tou Nien Xiang, about why he believes exercise is medicine that transcends age and health barriers, and his ongoing work with community partners and practitioners to identify and tackle real-world challenges in ageing.


GERI at the 9th Asian Conference for Frailty and Sarcopenia

Addressing frailty for healthy ageing

Is Singapore frailty-ready? Are we on track to become frailty-resilient? What more can we do to address frailty as a public health priority, so that longer lives are lived well and not in poor health? GERI faculty and researchers brought their insights to bear on these issues and more at the 9th Asian Conference for Frailty and Sarcopenia, an annual gathering of the field’s leading thought leaders, clinicians and researchers.


Annual Report 2022/23

In this past year, GERI forged new frontiers in partnerships, engagement and dissemination, whilst also covering greater ground in our research to improve the lives of older adults in Singapore.

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