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GERI Research Briefs

[NEW] GERI 2022-03-01: How has ICOPE been adopted across the world and what can we learn

GERI 2022-12-01: A review of barriers and facilitators towards COVID-19 vaccine acceptance

GERI 2022-09-01: Text-mining of psychosocial information from patients' clinical notes improved prediction of readmission risk

GERI 2022-05-001: Older adults in an Integrated Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of Primary Care in Singapore reported better satisfaction of needs and self-management of health

Healthy ageing in the
COVID-19 era

GERI's Executive Director Associate Professor Ding Yew Yoong observed that healthy ageing among older adults, as the COVID-19 era has demonstrated, calls for targeted and holistic efforts to strengthen both intrinsic capacity and extrinsic environments—key to preventing functional decline among older Singaporeans.

Meet Our Researchers

Get to know the people behind GERI's research to advance healthy ageing: our diverse team of Faculty, Research Fellows and more.

We speak to our Research Fellow, Dr Charlene Lau, on her research beginnings as a lecturer, working in a multi-disciplinary and collaborative environment, and why we should pay attention to frailty. 


Using theory of diffusion on innovation to explore the implementation of a novel care model in Singapore

Using an exploratory approach, a GERI study was able to identify innovative components within the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) novel primary care model, explain the rationale for using certain change strategies, as well as interpret implementation challenges through the care providers' lens. The findings help identify crucial ingredients for primary care transformation in an Asian context.

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