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GERI Research Briefs

[NEW] ​​GERI 2024-03-01​​Unlocking active ​ageing, even for the oldest-old and frail: A literature review of exercise interventions for two older adult groups​

GERI 2023-11-01: Unravelling patient diversity: Profiling high users of inpatient services based on medical complexity and psychosocial needs​

GERI 2023-09-01: Prognostic model for predicting mortality: Facilitating palliative care referrals for patients diagnosed with advanced dementia in acute care
GERI 2023-06-01: Fear and stigmatisation during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: Less​ons learnt for future public health crises

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Prof John Lavis, international scientific advisor, visits GERI

International scientific advisor on health policy research visits GERI

On 29 Feb and 1 Mar 2024, GERI welcomed Professor John N. Lavis of Canada's McMaster Health Forum to our offices, to share in-person insights as well as discuss GERI's health policy research projects on dementia and frailty.​
A/Prof James Alvin Low and Penny Lun, GERI 

Meet the people behind our research​

Get to know our diverse team of faculty and researchers as they work to advance healthy ageing.

Associate Professor James Low (Knowledge Translation Lead and Joint Faculty) and Penny Lun (Research Associate) speak to us about working on GERI's first national knowledge exchange platform on Advance​ Care Planning. Plus,​ hear their insights on implementation research, evidence synthesis, closing the researc​h-to-practice gap, and more.


A Lesson in Holistic Care - Knowledge to Practice Series

A Lesson in Holistic Care: Crossing the Chasm between the Humanities and ​Medicine (22 Mar 2024)​​​​

Integrating the​​ hum​anities is essential for a holistic approach to patient care and ​designing health services that better meet older adults' needs. The webinar covered clinician empathy, moral distress in advance care planning, person-centred care for frail persons with dementia, and more.​​

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Annual Report 2022/23

In this past year, GERI forged new frontiers in partnerships, engagement and dissemination, whilst also covering greater ground in our research to improve the lives of older adults in Singapore.

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